A poster follows me from room to room. Silent and confederate in an unornamented frame, for ten years it’s trudged across postcodes from new home to new home, from failed relationship to failed relationship. All the while Miranda July’s face has stared out from it hopefully—the writer, director and star of the film Me and You and Everyone We Know. In the middle of the poster is a quote from the late Roger Ebert that perfectly encapsulates not just that film but July’s entire dizzying, diverse output: her short stories, spoken word recordings, performance pieces, participatory artworks, even her messaging app. In trying to describe her moving and singular debut novel The First Bad Man I’ve concluded that I cannot possibly best it, and so I offer Ebert’s words here: “Delicate, tender, poetic, and yet so daring. It is about the mysteries of sex and the enchantments of the heart.”

Review of The First Bad Man by Miranda July, published in Oh Comely Issue Twenty-Five.

Published in Oh Comely Issue Twenty-Five. To read the original article click here.

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