Alice’s Puzzles: Through the Looking-Glass

“In this frabjous collection of more than 130 puzzles, readers will discover a host of vexing riddles, all related to the characters, language and locations uncovered in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.

From logic puzzles and lateral thinking to maths challenges and deductive reasoning, there are enough of your favourite puzzles to scratch even the cleverest of chins! So, take a trip down the rabbit hole into a wondrous world of riddles and enigmas. In this amazing collection you will discover a host of challenging puzzles. Some will be familiar, while others are curiouser…”

Alice's Puzzles Through the Looking Glass by Jason Ward, published by Carlton Books

Published in hardback by Carlton Books, Alice’s Puzzles: Through the Looking Glass was released in May 2016. You can buy a copy from Amazon or directly from Carlton.